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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Era of Satellite Television

Cable TV? Likely already outdated. Now is time to switch to satellite TV.

Satellite TV or Direct To Home (DTH) is one of television service that can be received directly by customers through means of a satellite receiver called the satellite dish antenna and decoder.

DirecTV as one of the pioneer companies in satellite television, the more advantage there is no doubt in the case of satellite TV service. One advantage is that DirecTV offers given. DirecTV offers the ease in registering a member, fill out the form with the way through the website will get a discounted price from DirecTV. Plus if you use Auto Bill Pay for payment, then you will get 5% discount fees each month.

If you order DirecTV now before 3rd March 2009, you will get HD, DVR or HD DVR Upgrade for FREE! Or you can choose FREE for 4 room system and Professional Installation. More advantage if you order now, you will get $23 OFF per months for 12 months, FREE 3 months of HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ channel, and you can watching up to 265 channels television at your home. Totally, you got discount DirecTV up to $583 by calling today and get more advantage from special offers package that offers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tips before choosing the beatiful flowers (Valentine Tips)

Almost all men in the world to celebrate Valentine day race explore objects as the most fitting expression of love. The biggest options fall on the rose. From a variety of roses the most preferred by men is pink and red roses. However, not all post flower, chocolate and other things ending in success and romantic.

See some of the following tips before choosing the beatiful flowers for her:
1. Do not Always Rose: Did you know that roses, especially the red and pink have become 'interest of a million people'. Because many women are less like the flower market is this. If the flowers you want to be valued by her, try find out what type of interest that she was honored by the. Do not until she was very like the orchid and you deliver tuft of pink roses! In this way you become full of meaning or significance.

2. Away Day Reserved: If you really want to give flowers, order at least a week before Valentine day. You have to remember the men on that day will also order the flowers. If too close, a result you will get the flowers that are less good, almost faded, the color does not match, and especially if you use delivery service, the flowers late in the receiving!

3. Type of flowers : The flowers should not be a series of large and full. First, decide what type of interest that can represent your feelings. See and observe the various types of flowers and a series of offered. Of course this needs time, so can not be done suddenly. Two orchid flower stalks may be more an expression of shock on the big red rose.

4. Choosing Flower bud: In the days before Valentine almost all types of flowers, especially rose price rebound. From $ 1 the price in a normal day can become $ 2 in the days of Valentine. Therefore, try to get fresh flower so that hold up to a week to be admired by her. Choose a flower with a bud that has not been perfect but a little chap in the blossom end of the sheath and the interest rates meeting. The flower will bloom in a few days. Note the flower stalk, select the length of rod as a sign of interest is still new. A short stalk and a little browny indicates that flowers have kept long enough or have nearly faded because it has been cut several times stalk to maintain the refreshner.

5. Send to Office: If you want to post your flowers and create the success she is happy, do not send flowers to her house (especially in the morning once he was awakened before!!!). Because of the beautiful flowers that will only amazed by own and some people in the house. Should send flowers to her office! In the office she will not only proud and amazed, but she can put on the flowers to the entire office (even up to Security and Office Boy)!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CD Maintenance – How to make sure you CD stays in good shape

As we all know CDs & DVDs are prone to scratching, marking, cracking & breaking.

If you leave discs out near your PC or stereo, dust will settle or the data side will get scratched or marked. Now the best ways to prevent this happening are simple. They may sound straight forward but you’ll be surprised how many times CDs & DVDs are not protected properly. Following these simple steps will ensure you can use your CD's and DVD's for dvd copying and cd copying for years to come.

Keep your CDs in there Jewel Cases. If not there are PVC wallets which act as ample protection or Card Wallets. For you DVDs you must keep them in their DVD boxes or, as previously mentioned, PVC Wallets and Card wallets will do.

If your CD or DVD gets scratched, you may think that it’s damaged forever……..Wrong! The scratching on the surface of the disc simply fools the laser and makes it skip. Or, if you’re player has difficulty in loading the data, it’s due the surface being scratched and unable to read the digital data below.

However, do not panic! There are plenty of repair kits around to eliminate this problem and allow you to perfrom that all important cd copying or dvd copying. If you’ve thought you’ve lost a CD forever due to mark or scratch, think again!

These repair kits are a compound mixture of polish, which are specially designed for plastic (which discs are made up of). The mixture interacts with the polymer and allows the polish to get to work on the scratch. This polish will remove the majority of the disc that has been damaged and restore the music/data back to full playability.

Therefore, you revive your discs using these kits. However, I suggest you look after your CD or DVD by putting them back into their Jewel Case, DVD box, PVC Wallet or Card Wallet. Keep them in a dust-free environment or storage case.
Keep your discs playing longer...

When you remove your discs from their CD Jewel Cases or DVD box then you risk the centre-hub cracking or breaking. This will lead to disc failures. Especially for console playing or DVD films. Having looked around for a remedy to this common problem, we have found a solution...

It’s in the form of a metal reinforced centre-hub. It’s easy to attach and will reduce the stress that is normally applied when removing CDs or DVDs from Jewel Cases or DVD Boxes. This will prevent the discs from cracking at the centre. “Hurray!” I hear you say.

How to Clean the Registry

In the beginning Windows' registry consisted of two files totalling around 5mb in size. Today it consists of at least 12 files with the Software file itself being 30mb or bigger in size. As the size of the registry has exploded, so has the trash and clutter in it. It may seem like a daunting task, but cleaning the registry properly can fix system problems, speed your computer up, and make it run more efficiently.

I have spent many years developing and refining thousands of procedures to do just that. I could share these methods of hunting down the trash with you and let you find them and delete them by hand, but if you were to sit down at your computer right now and work nonstop, you would still be busy with them a week from now when the next issue of Ray's Computer Tips arrives. By then your registry would have new clutter and you would have to start all over again.

To make registry cleaning easier on everyone, I wrote a program called RegVac Registry Cleaner ( to perform those procedures. It has been so successful that several companies have asked me to model their registry cleaners after RegVac and even more have copied processes that first debutted in RegVac.

The first place RegVac cleans is the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section (the Classes Vac in RegVac does this). This section contains settings for the classes of Windows. Think of a huge box full of snakes and you will get an idea of how complicated and interwoven it is. It is so complicated that many registry cleaners bypass it or simply perform surface scans of it. RegVac uses over a hundred processes to follow each tentacle of each class deep into this area and make sure that they abide by the rules.

Next RegVac validates the entries in 22 lists with 7 different methods (the FilesList Vac does this). This is a minor part of RegVac but the bulk of most other registry cleaners even though they usually do not clean all 22 lists.

Another part of RegVac, the Software Vac, which is unique to RegVac, finds old software sections in the registry and provides a way to remove that software's entire branch. Other registry cleaners only remove a few entries in this area often leaving huge portions of the registry that do nothing but take up space and get in the way.

Even more trash can be discovered in hundreds of stashes used to store data you will never use. Most registry cleaners do not even touch these. The Stash Vac lists these stashes and lets you go through and select which ones to empty out. Please use caution when using the Stash Vac because some of the items listed there may be important. For example, one folder in the Stash Vac lists places where data for international keyboards are stored. You probably will never use the data for Bulgarian keyboards, so you can remove it, but if you live in the US you may experience problems after removing the United States 101 keyboard. The items that you can safely remove are usually obvious.

Last but not least, when cleaning the registry, you should look for broken links to files on the computer (this is what the Bad Link Vac does). If a file is referenced in the registry but it does not exist on your hard drive, that is a good indicator that something is wrong. Many programmers start out writing a registry cleaner thinking all it has to do is check for these broken links and remove them. In fact, that is all many registry cleaners do.

Even though that is all they do, they often don't do it correctly. If you check the results of such scans, you will find out that many of the broken links are really good links. I spent several months refining this part of RegVac so that as far as I know it is 100% accurate. Despite this, please realize that some software enter broken links in the registry and require them to be there in order for them to run. RegVac skips the ones it knows about, but you still need to be careful with this part of RegVac.

RegVac has six more tools that clean even more areas: the Add/Remove Editor, the System Config Utility, the OpenWith Editor, the AutoComplete Editor, the Junk Keys Editor, and Registry Backup, Pack, and Restore.

Many of you already use RegVac but if you don't, you can downloaded a free 30 day trial of RegVac at For more information about RegVac Registry Cleaner go to If you like RegVac, you can purchase it for only $29.95. All future updates are free.

Keep the Windows registry clean and running smoothly with RegVac Registry Cleaner.