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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do You Know Who Is Eating Up Your Hard Drive Space?

Sometimes when we take some extra time with our computer, we look at our hard drive and we believe that we have plenty of room to store and install a lot of things yet. Suddenly, we see that the space has decreased significantly without an apparent reason. This problem is more common than we think and in many cases it is difficult to know where “extra space” in our hard disk storage is.
If this happens to you, there are some things we can do to try to recover the disk space that we think we are lacking. Many times this occurs because we have installed or saved same files twice, often simply by double copy and paste. Many people think that you can defragment your hard disk to get the required free space, but the truth is it does not really released anything, but reorganizes the information to access data more efficiently.
Fast Duplicate File Finder is a free tool for Windows that is responsible for reviewing the hard drive looking for duplicate files for later disposal. The program performs a comprehensive analysis of the system or a directory and detects duplicates based on fast binary comparison algorithm and has internal preview supporting a lot of image, video, music and text file formats, which ensures a successful outcome. The use of Fast Duplicate File Finder is quite simple, once downloaded, run the application and it will automatically look for duplicate files and then we can remove them or keep them as interested.
Surely once you've noticed that you had some file, e.g. an Mp3, repeated in various folders on your hard drive or sometimes when you uninstall any software it will not disappear completely, but are remnants of it scattered around the disk. Many of these files are what are called "duplicates", i.e. there are multiple copies of it in your hard disk i.e. in program files and in same time at the temp directory of windows. An interesting opportunity to get rid of these files once and for all is Fast Duplicate File Finder.

Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Use a GPS

There are hundreds of different GPS trackers but most of them work in the same similar method. The idea behind a GPS tracker is to help you to map out a route to the destination you are headed from the destination that you are located. It is best that you start from where you are in order to get the best route for where you are going. You can text in your information or you can ask verbally for the information that you need. It is important that you pay attention to the instructions that you are given and if you miss a turn then you will need to reprogram your GPS so that your instructions will coincide with where you are actually located so that you can end up at the proper destination.

The government found that this little device very useful during desert storm and other events that our soldiers took part in the Middle East to help them from getting lost and to make sure that they were in a safe district. It is a very useful invention but it was a very costly one for the government. The government decided to turn it over to the public for use and this help defer the cost of making the GPS. The manufacturers are always improving on inventions and were able to add some additional perks like weather conditions, traffic control; road construction notices all very vital information for the average consumer. These new added conveniences made the GPS even more demanding amongst the average consumer. Now the GPS is used all around the world by just about everyone as a means of finding the right direction to where you are going.

When it comes time to find a GPS that suits you, make sure that you check out all the electronic stores in your area so that you can play around with it before you buy it because they do all vary. You’ll find that some give you the traffic and will find you restaurants while others just tell you where to go. The only thing that I recommend when it comes to a GPS is that you never be cheap with the device because you’ll get what you pay for when you buy one at a discounted right. If you buy a no name brand or one that looks cheap, you’re going to install it and have a hard time using it.

I have a GPS and I love it. I would recommend one that’s easy to use and can be programmed rather easily. If you have to type in fifty things to get it working, I would move onto another one. Make sure you get one that talks and can show you where local restaurants are. If you can get one like this, you’re going to find that they are a lot easier to use than most of them out there. There are literally hundreds, so do your homework one day and see which one will fit you and your car.