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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8 Reasons Android OS be the World Master's

Android operating system has just overthrown the Symbian , as the world's most popular mobile OS. This is an important milestone for Google and give signals that Android is going to dominate the realm of universal cell phone.

Roughly, what's why Android can be shot and quickly be master the smartphone market? Here are eight reasons, as quoted from eWEEK, Thursday (03/02/2011):

1. Each version Increase Good

With regular upgrades are done, each version of Android is secured, better the performance and features. The latest version of the Android 3.0 or Honeycomb promises a significant increase quality.

2. Android Smartphone is Good

Android's success can not be separated from bearer smartphone OS, which has many good features. Call it Droid X, S till HTC Galaxy Evo has many advantages that consumers are interested to buy.

3. Leaving RIM Distracted

Initially, Google seemed to let the BlackBerry from RIM over the enterprise market. Android sales are more focused on general consumers. But after success in the consumer market, Android now began targeting more and more businessmen and corporate circles than the BlackBerry uses Android.

4. With few models, Apple Can not Fight Android

With only sell the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4, Apple's increasingly desperate fight against Android. Dozens of opponents Android smartphone is not comparable although the iPhone is still highly in demand.

5. Microsoft Market Share Decrease

Microsoft's fortunes in the realm of mobile OS is not good lately. The launch of Windows 7 Phone assessed late and their market share decline. This gives a gap to reach more and more cake Android smartphone market.

6. Nokia stagger

From initially very dominant master the arena of smartphones, Nokia has started to stagger. One reason, the firm Symbian OS they use is considered out of date than Android. And now consumers began to look more green robot OS.

7. Upper Class Vendor Support

Full support for vendor class is very helpful increasing popularity of Android. Even possible without the support of names such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC phones that serves classy, Android will not be as successful now.

8. Efficacy of Google Brand

Google's great brand reputation that consumers make no doubt Android. They seem to believe Android will provide an experience using a smartphone that they can enjoy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Geinimi, Malware spy on Android

Johannesburg - As one of the operating system that is loved not be surprised if it makes Android as the main target of cyber attacks ghosts. A variety of malicious programs were created with the intent and purpose.

Geinimi, is one of the new malware that was found among users of Android. This malware is somewhat unique, but can lurk and steal the victim data, these malicious programs also have the ability to be a botnet.

Botnets can be regarded as malicious applications that can take over the device that infected. In other words, this software can be used as a tool by the author to control the phone / computer victims. Well, the first time this type of malware found on the Android.

Quoted from PC World, on Thursday (12/30/2010), Geinimi able to communicate with control centers to install or uninstall any existing applications on the phone. Malware is also designed to regularly reported the activities of users.

Also Geinimi also able to report the position of the victim through GPS coordinates, type of phone used, the information card number used, and all the data is uploaded on 10 different site address.

Experts virus from Lookout Mobile Security, Kevin Mahaffey, explained that Geinimi start found on third-party applications Market in China, and make the distribution through a well-known applications that have been downloaded millions of times. But unfortunately, Mahaffey reluctant to mention the name of the application.