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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gold Bullions Guidance

Gold coins and silver coins were a main part of commerce as far back as the early civilizations of Sumer and Egypt. Otherwise much of the gold that was available from Africa after 700 AD went into dinar gold coins made by the rulers of the growing Islamic empire that extended through the Middle East and along the north African coast. These gold coins, created in Damascus, Baghdad and Tripoli, it beautifully decorated by calligraphers in Arabic script. Much of that golds turned into Spanish crowns which were exported to England, the Netherlands (under Spanish rule), Genoa and Venice, and it turnly change into local gold coins.

The minting of gold coins soared in France and the United States and ultimately most nations switched from silver to gold coins, when the United States finally switched to the single gold standard from a bimetallic gold and silver policy. Virtually all gold mined called before was turned into gold coins. Sovereign gold coins in Britain and Australia, Eagle gold coins in the United States, Mark gold coins in Germany, Rouble gold coins in Russia, Crown gold coins in Austria, Florin gold coins in Hungary and Napoleon gold coins in France.

Nowdays,buy gold means buy coin. We can find out easy information for many coins even were made from gold, platinum or silver. Each coin created to be the most beautiful coin ever by modification from the originality, investors privately acquire this gold coin which has outperformed gold bullion. In United Stated goverment guaranted gold. Gold Eagles maintain a unique advantage over most other gold bullion coins - the United States government guarantees their gold content, weight, and purity. For this reason, gold eagles can easily be bought and sold almost anywhere in the world, making these coins among the most commonly traded gold bullion coins on the market. Its also giving information about a coin named American Platinum Eagle, mention as a commodity than just an ordinary coin.

Friday, May 15, 2009

After the RC version, Windows 7 Back Upgrading

Newest preparation Microsoft operating system, Windows 7 are to stage the production. After Windows 7 RC (build 7100) which can be downloaded public, has now present Windows 7 build 7127.

Quoted from softpedia, Friday (15/5/2009), build 7127 this version is actually the continuation of the RC (Release Candidate) so that in any upgrading there. Based on information from Microsoft, after the RC version is out should RTM (Release to Manufacturing), which means that the developer has agreed the results from previous versions.

The Microsoft has officially confirmed that there will be no further development between the RC and RTM. But somehow, this is preparing for the final version of Windows 7 itself.

Jon DeVaan, Senior Vice President of Windows Core Operating System Division and Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President of Windows Live Engineering Group explained that in the beginning of this week, when the RC had already started downloading the public, the point is actually the same points for the launch of RTM.

"RC has been 'finished' and now we make the validity of the breath ecosystem with another partner. From our perspective, we have conducted many tests in a long time and we try to understand the quality of this project. We have been doing the same thing as we want from the pre-Beta to Beta, and from beta to RC. The main difference is with the RC, we will not change the functions or features that have at this time, "said Sinofsky and DeVaan

From the information from the PC Beta, the launch of this build is 7127.0.090507.1820 indicates that the preparation date on 7 May 2009. This time not all parties can be download. The Microsoft download only give permission for the limited or for 'invitation' only.