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Monday, June 29, 2009

NASA Develop 'Transformers' Robot

The Robots so that stars in the film Transformers was incredible and can change shape quickly. In the real world that a robot system that works similar to the robot Transformers are also in the development stage.

Institutions are the United States outer space, NASA, who developed a robot called Superbot can change the shape of the withdrawal Transformers. Although no changes to cars or jet planes, but the technology has advanced bearable.

Robot that was originally to be one hundred separate parts and then be out of the plane to the desert.

This is in the desert, the parts Superbot can change shape and ignites a wheeled vehicle to run in the desert. If the field has changed so the hill, the robot also switch out the form with the feet to climb it.

Quoted from FoxNews, Monday (29/6/2009), the NASA researchers hope that robots can change himself independently. If environmental conditions change, the robot can also adjust the form of the body automatically.

"If the robots had to climb something, he immediately bring foot. If you have to down the valley, so he changed the ball and get moving," said Wei-Min Shen, director of the Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory at the University of Southern California who participated in handling Superbot.

Superbot possible to establish itself from the various parts separately. For each module that is separate robot independent. Separate parts of this communication via radio or infrared, which then can unify body.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Official Apple Releases iPhone OS 3.0

After waiting so long, Apple finally launched its iPhone 3.0 software update, which comes with a myriad of functions and adding new features. OS update is intended for users iPhone and iPod Touch in the world.

The launch of OS 3.0 are almost same with opening the iPhone 3G S sales that will soon be available to the public. The latest version of iPhone will be open all of the features already available on the iPhone OS 3.0.

"iPhone OS 3.0 will be launched with new features and innovations that extraordinary, developers and users of the iPhone itself," said Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President Worldwide Product Marketing Apple detikINET as quoted from softpedia, Friday (19/06/2009).

iPhone OS 3.0 software update will bring more than 100 new features for iPhone and iPod touch, including Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS (especially 3G), Spotlight Search, landscape keyboard for Mail, Messages, Notes, Safari, parental controls for TV , an application from App Store movies, and video-recording and editing.

In addition there is the ability to re-capture and send an audio recording with the Voice Memo app that new, Wi-Fi capabilities to download a movie, TV programs and audio, and Bluetooth Stereo support P2P as iTunes.

iPhone users can download iPhone OS 3.0 for free, while iPod touch users will be required to pay U.S. $ 9.95.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Google Android predicted push Windows

Taipei - Threats Google Android operating system to Microsoft Windows the more real. The bigger class computer manufacturer, Acer and Asus already released an Android-based netbook cheaper in the near future.

Even the Acer has announced a netbook that will be launched on Android provided third quarter this year 2009.

In addition to the two Taiwan companies of origin, the ECS is also a vendor to create Android-based netbook. Netbook from ECS is planned to be released with the stamp under the U.S. $ 500.

Quoted from Reuters, Wednesday (3/6/2009), as Android can be used free of charge, that there will be no income for Google. However, Google still benefit because the user will always rely on Google to meet their needs in the Android.

Technology analyst Calvin Huang of the Daiwa Securities Group also assess if the popularity of Android will almost be forced down the price of Microsoft Windows 7 in order to remain competitive.

"As more vendors adopt the Android and non-Windows products on them. This is a chance for Android to make the computer penetration in the market," said Huang from RedOrbit.