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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ebook For You (2)


This book explains the strategies Donald Trump used to make his real estate fortune, and how small investors can apply them to investments of any size, right down to a one-family rental property. I describe how Trump implements some of his signature strategies such as creating luxury, perceived value, exclusivity, and attention to detail, which all come together to maximize the value of his investments. (This is why his properties earn far more money, square foot for square foot, than his competitors’.)

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dimension to Your Home

Want to add dimension to your home with professionally designed? When we open this page we can find some things that can help us to decorate our house. We can find so many lighting fixtures, either for indoor or outdoor interior, with their style from each manufacturers and lowest price.

We can find indoor interior lights such as chandeliers, lamps, bath vanity strips, pendant fixtures or picture lamps. And for outdoor interior lights such as lanterns, flood lights and landscape lighting. These all lighting produced by famous manufactures that already known as a good manufacturer.

By click this page, we also can find interior for our residential lighting design. For example Kichler Lighting, here in this page by clicking the style or the brand we can find the best Kichler Lighting that match with our indoor light fixtures, outdoor light fixtures or for landscapes lighting. We can see our favorite lighting by clicking some of categorized such as:
Casual, Contemporary, Period/Decor, Traditional, Transitional, Lodge/Country, the Utility and other Lighting Accessories. Don't be doubtful about Kichler Lighting's reputation, since 1938, Kichler have been concern in lighting industry.

Shopping trough internet make us easier to chose what we want to design our house. We don’t have to spend our time, this site also give us discount. Discount, cheaper than we have to spend our time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pinging Tricks

You’re a blogger and are constantly hearing about pinging. The thing is, you don't know what it is and what it can do for your blog. Well that's fine because a lot of bloggers don't quite understand pinging. In this newsletter, we will explain what pinging is, how it helps your blog, and what the best pinging services are. After you've read this newsletter, you'll know exactly how to use pinging to make your blog popular.

What is pinging?

When a blog is pinged, it essentially tells a web blog tracking system that the blog has been updated. Thus, pinging is the process of telling tracking services that a site has been updated.

So how does pinging work? Well, a ping service scans regularly blogs for updates. Whenever there is a new update for a particular blog, that is reported back to the pinging service’s site. You can almost think of ping services being just like search engine spiders—both scan sites looking for information, and both report that information back to their specific site. The difference is, a ping service only reports back new blog posts.

Why is pinging useful for my blog?

Pinging, in effect, tells people that there is a new blog posting available. Those who are loyal followers of your blog will see the ping and want to visit your blog. Those who haven’t read your blog before will see the ping and perhaps think “hey, there’s a new blog I haven’t been to before, I think I’ll check it out”. Pinging helps to increase your traffic because it tells people when your blog is updated. Those who visit sites with pinging services will see this information in the form of a scroll on the left or right side, or top of the page. The scroll is usually in XML format and typically includes the title and URL of your blog, as well as the date and time of the update.

OK, so now I know what pinging is. Who offers pinging?

The answer is, there are several pinging services available which you can use to have your blog pinged. We’ll go over some of them right now. is probably the most well-known pinging service. monitors sites for updates and then pings whenever there is an update to report. Virtually every blog software is available to use Weblogs.

Yahoo’s Blogs

Another popular pinging service. This one is offered by Yahoo and has a built-in integration with movable type and other tools. One cool thing about this service is that it offers the ability to give out updates via Instant Messenging services like AOL and ICQ. It is a direct pinging service, so those who sign up for subscriptions to your blog will be sent an email anytime your blog is updated.

Blogrolling allows its bloggers to manage their blogrolls (updates) through a web-based interface. Recently updated blogs are also highlighted on Blogrolling’s web site. Data is automatically retrieved from other sites like and every 5 minutes. Often times your blog is already being pinged by Blogrolling, so you might not have to sign up for it. Search on the site first for your URL before signing it up.


Available at, Technorati is another service that pings blogs. It gets its data from a variety of places and is definitely a site you should go to for blog pinging.

These are just 4 of the many different blog pinging services available. A quick search on Yahoo or Google will reveal many other possible blog pinging services to use for your blog. It is best to sign up for as many as you possibly can to ensure that your blog is well-pinged. A well-pinged blog will definitely help your blog attract more visitors. So sign up for as many as possible and watch your blog traffic increase.

Pinging tells people when your blog is updated. It is an incredibly useful, and easy to sign up for service, so be sure to sign your blog up for pinging!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Butterfly Award

This is a butterfly award from Merlyn. Thanks to Merlyn for trusting me this award and it is now my turn to pass this Butterfly award. Here is the rule: Once accepting this award, Put the logo on your blog. Add a link to the person who awarded you. Nominate 10 other blogs. Add links to those blogs on yours. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs. With that I nominated 10 other bloggers for this award.. I would love to give this award to the the following cool blogger.

1. Ar-wee-der-yet
2. Chesca
3. Emjei
4. Kiscy
5. Anagore
6. Eunice
7. Kang Jaloe
8. Retchel
9. Marky Tiklaton
10. Cecile

Shopping is the first hobby for women

Shopping is the first hobby for women, no women do not like to do shopping. But it is not too simple to find a good thing that just like we want, to find a new up to date design, fit with body, nice color and good price. Up to date design that following the trends mostly what women like, with open this web site we can see the new trends from the international magazine like Vogue or Elle. This is the most what women like to be the first one to use a new design form the international magazine.

From this web site we also can find a new design from the famous international designer. Size is doesn’t matter here, especially for women who has extra size, they still can find an up to date cloth from the famous international designer, for example a new design from Marc Jacobs. This web also can help women to choose what they want to use according to the occasion, for office cloth, for vacation or for to mix and match.

This web really help women much to see and know what they really want, without spend much time to go out women can do shopping and choose a new design that fit and up to date as they want. By choosing the items that provides by this web site, women can do find out fit based on occasions, looking for special size, and especially with shopping trough this web site women can follow the new trend up to date on this year.